Sunday, March 29, 2009


SCHOOL DAY STARTS.. I and my brother both go to school together and our grandmother send us for the first day and helps us find the room in each of us and talk to our teachers. I didn't expected her to do that but I'm happy that she did and felt that she really love and care for us both of which i didn't feel from my mother.

Days passed and a month in school but me, i could say that i don't understand or i should say I'm dull in the class. My teacher really confused of what to do to me because of all her students she felt that I'm the dullest and she ask me why but i can't answer her. I don't know either what happen to me why I'm too slow to her class in fact I'm not like this when i was on my first grade. Even if the test exam was repeated for three times, i still don't get it and still i got the lowest score which was embarrassing to everyone in the class. I could tell that my mind was so empty and my teacher don't know what to do for me. She did talk to her closest friend teacher one lunch break about me that I'm the dullest student of hers and don't know what to do to me and i was there and heard them but didn't care. In fact she pointed me to tell her that I'm the one they're talking about and that makes me embarrass because she didn't care if i get hurt from it. What i did was i look down and grab my pencil and my paper and wrote my name at the top of each page. I almost cried, feeling alone and wanted to go home but my mind says no so i didn't. I have no friends in my class because nobody likes me i think it's because I'm dull , shy, and maybe they find me boring to be with. Some were like to tease me using the words dullest in the class over and over and I'm not used to fight with them so i just be quiet.

After the embarrassing moment, i had realized for myself that i need to pen up mind and try to show them specially my teacher that I'm not so dull. I tried my best to listen and understands in my class and then start to volunteer answering the class. One time while i was on the blackboard answering the simple math problem, i didn't knew that my seatmate was thief so when i came back to my seat she smiles to me and i was surprise why. When our teacher told us to grab our paper because she will make a test exam, i was wondering why my bag was open. When i try to get my paper, i didn't find it and i start to panic where was it and when i saw my seat mate's paper it was mine. I told her that it was my paper that she had and i can tell it because i put my name on the top of each page and even if she detach those printed names, i still can read my name on it. I also told her that on the back cover i wrote my name and she turn it but i saw that she erase it so she strongly deny it. I start crying so our teacher heard and ask what's going on so i tell her and then she approach us. But my classmate told her that her mother bought her 1pack of paper that early morning but i knew that she don't have a paper because she ask some from our classmate. I also pointed that i wrote my name on each top page and still you can see it and on the back cover also but still she denied it infront of our teacher. Our teacher believes me but my classmate started to cry so what our teacher did was she split the paper and give it to us.

When i came home from school, i told my grandmother what happened to me in my class and i ask her to come over on the next day to help me ask my teacher to get back my paper from my classmate. I wanted to get it it back because it was my budget for the whole month. The next day afternoon, i was happy because she come over to see my teacher and talk to her and that makes my classmate scared to death because she didn't even knew that my grandmother would show up in the middle of our class. But i was disappointed because my teacher told her that it's just fine and that she split the paper to be fair. It makes me feel that she's protecting my classmate and that was OK for her that my classmate steal something from me and still can get a chance to do it again to someone in the class. What she was did to make my grandmother impress her was that she told me to move in the front seat and that the one who's in the front seat will move to my seat. So my grandmother didn't complain and then she left.

The next day, my classmate who had just move to my seat cried because the same thing was happen to her and that her seatmate stole her paper and denied it. Our teacher again did the same thing, she split the paper because the thief cried and tell the same story and what makes me wonder was why did she protect this girl? After i came home from school, i told my grandmother that the same thing was happen to my classmate who move to my seat. I then told her that i won't go to school anymore because i don't like to be with that teacher anymore. She didn't like of what i had decided but i didn't wanted to go back to school again and if i do I'll just go back home and continue my studies there. So she had nothing to do and i didn't go back to school again and my teacher send a letter to my grandmother asking what happened to me. She replied and told her that I'm no longer coming back to her class.

One afternoon, my mother arrive and that makes me so happy because i have now a chance to come with her going back home. My grandmother told her about what had happen to me in school and then i beg her to come with her back home and wanted to continue my studies there. I was so glad that she said "OK I'll bring you back home" so i never wasted my time i then pack my clothes even if my mother still like to stay for two days there. About my brother, he's doing good in his class his teacher really admire him because he so industrious,behave, not slow in her class and neat so he stayed. I know i will miss my grandmother and my brother but they understand me. I am so happy that i finally get back home..

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