Friday, March 27, 2009


While the summer wasn't over yet, my mother sent me to my grandmother which was a half day drive from our home. She said that my grandmother needs someone to help her and to be with her each night because she was alone in her big creepy house or i should say an antique house. Most of the things that she had were antique which was she got from her parents and from her decease husband. She was a half Spanish and she could speak Spanish too and i love her because she did good for me. Everyday, morning and early night we always knelt down in prayer to her altar and what surprise me the very fist time of our prayer was that it was Spanish and that i didn't knew of. I couldn't even answer her prayers because i have no idea for that but she teach me until i get used to it.
At first, i was so scared at her house plus my decease grandfather's things were still there i don't know why my grandma still kept them. And besides, I'm feeling lonely and sad because i really miss my home specially my mom. It took time for me to recover being far from my family until i learned to like the place. Time passes by but my mother didn't even visit me and that makes me mad but i then realized that maybe she has no money to spend visiting me and my grandmother which i kinda understand and kinda feel upset also.
When the summer was almost over, my mother show up at last and i was so happy to see her and cried because i really misses her from them all. My older brother was with her and at first i thought he will be the one to stay with my grandmother and i will be going back home but i was disappointed. I didn't knew that we both will stay there and that we'll go to school there together which make me feel mad for her. I wanted to go home not because i hate to stay in my grandmother but because i wanted to see the rest of my family and our home but i can do nothing. So the next day my mother leave and she told us that we should be good to my grandmother and help all the chores in her house. I really cried while she leave and wanted to come with her but it didn't happen. She just said that she'll visit us every month to make me feel better but i know she won't so i cried until she's gone.But my brother was just calm and he didn't even cry watching her leave.
After then, my grandmother enroll us in the school there which was not so close from our house. I would say my brother was very industrious boy and that he helped my grandmother everything in the household chores and in her little farm and garden. But me, i am opposite to him that time because i don't really feel doing things i felt lazy all the time. I don't know but i just don't like to help so i and my brother were always fighting. At that time, he was the favorite grandson to her so i kinda understand and didn't complain because i knew why.

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