Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last night, i thought i couldn't be able to play my pool game but i was wrong. When my husband came home from work, i showed him my fingers (the middle and the ring finger) that i had accidentally cut a few hours ago that day. He said "that's why i don't like for you to ate vegetables cause you always cut yourself, hmmm I'm just kidding" sounds funny. Yeah he's right, every time i cooked vegetables i always had cut my fingers but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. I told him that i don't think i could be able to play pool cause my left hand is kinda soar and i feel uncomfortable with it. But he said " yes you will play cause the team that we're gonna match for tonight has a level 1 player". I'm a level 1 so it's a good match for me but the problem is my fingers still soar.

When we get there, our co-captain showed me the score paper and point me the other's team player. She said that i should play cause i have a match player so i never argued her. I and my hubby get some practise for a little bit and then after that they let me play. Well that time my finger started to feel comfortable and i could now manage playing which i kinda feel terrific. But i still have this uneasy feeling, though I'm not shaking that time unlike the first and the second time playing my game. They said that I'm getting better, i was able to get a bank shot which was awesome cause i didn't expect it. But in the end i lose my game, sad huhuhu. But anyhow, the important was i enjoy my game even though i feel uncomfortable with my left hand but i still manage playing.

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