Thursday, June 25, 2009


As you know guys, i really like watching those horror movies specially the haunted shows. We've had watched the uninvited movie last night, I'm the one who pick it as usual. It's story is just like the one that we had watched a couple of months ago but the difference was it was a Korean movie. I just can't remember the title of it but like said it was just the same story as the uninvited movie. It was really scary and again when the scary part is about to appear, i then hide my face from my hands or i would roll over and face to my hubby cause we're lying on our couch (hahaha so funny!). He keep saying "you can't watch the show like that" or 'if you don't like to watch then we can stop it". But i would always reply him that i like to finish it but i just don't like to see the scary part.

Sometimes he asked me if why do i like watching those scary movie and i said that i just like to watch it and for me it's kind of breath taking. I felt excitement watching it but i just can't help hiding myself just to not watch the scary part. I know it sounds funny but i can't help it. So most of the time he used to make some fun on me like we should buy a big house and then i kept saying to him that I'm not gonna stay in his big house. And besides i don't need it cause for me i used to live in a small home and live simply. And sometimes when we're at our friends house, i and Mechelle likes to watch the horror movies and get scared. He then ask "why you guys like watching those horror movies?". We just like watching it and it's kind of breath taking knowing that it would scare us.

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