Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last night i played my second time pool game and guess what, i was totally suck the whole game. They match me with this guy who is a rank 4 and i am just a rank 1 and he was totally kicking my ass. I need 14 points to win and he needs 31 points and i only got 3 points that was really embarrassing. But they just told me that I'm fine cause I'm still learning from it. I thought shooting balls were as easy as i thought it would be but when you're actually playing specially with a match of the other team, gosh it wasn't that easy. I still have this uneasy feeling and my body was totally shaking but i still can concentrate my game though. I started to feel comfortable when the game was almost over.

Before the game was started, Pewee (our team captain) teach me how to aim the ball and how to handle myself while shooting the ball. I thought i can't play last night cause the other team don't have a rank 1 player to match me but i was wrong. They said that i need to play for me to get more practise matching the other team's player and besides i still need to play 9 games for this season. My team told me that it would take some times for me to get better playing specially aiming the ball and positioning my hand and body while shooting. Oh boy i hope that i would get better soon cause i don't like to be embarrass with the team.

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