Friday, June 19, 2009


I've been awake at exactly 9:30 this morning cause i fall asleep last night at around 1 o'clock in the morning. I shouldn't be awake if our neighborhood didn't arrive with his stereo music turn on so loud. I was totally startled from my bed when i suddenly heard his music turn on so loud just like i was in a disco bar. Anyway I'm not upset with that crazy sound he has cause it's about time for me to get up that time so i thought that would be a good alarm for me. Everytime my alarm goes on i turn it off and then went back to sleep. I supposed to practise myself getting up early cause i wanted to start my day earlier and could do a lot of things i wanted to but still for some reason i still get up late. That's why i turn my alarm on for me to wake up on weekdays and on weekends it's off cause i wanted my husband get some more sleep. But you know what, he woke up earlier than me while I'm still in bed snoring (hahaha funny). He then go downstairs and prepare his breakfast and then play on his playstation while waiting for me to wake up but sometimes he'll woke me up when it's getting so late in the morning like 11 o'clock. Why? Because he likes us to spend time together going somewhere were we could think we could enjoy both. And i would like when weekends comes cause we could spend time together again like today it's friday and him and john plans to play again a warcraft in their computer so we're gonna be there after his work. He likes to hang with him and play warcraft and then he always beat up (hahaha funny)..

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