Thursday, June 4, 2009


I woke up this morning at about 9:31, i supposed to get up 7 o'clock but when my alarm goes on i turn it off and went back to sleep. I felt so sleepy that i couldn't open my eyes and my body still don't like to be move. I had thought that I've been fall asleep at almost 12 o'clock midnight. Every time i got to sleep i started dreaming things and mostly the dreams i had were I'm with my family and friends in the Philippines. But last night i dream about my family here (my hubby and my mom in law). We were on our way back home when we got almost hit by a speedy car and on the edge of the road were there was this two lady who put some posting about their garage sale and it was hit by our car and damage. We stop and heard the lady screaming us and my hubby called 911 to report the speedy car's plate number and this lady. After he called them, the husband of the one lady approach us and start arguing with us and my husband step out from the car and face him. However, my mom in law and i were so scared by this man cause he looks so upset and my husband starts debating him. We were surprised when he grab his gun from his back and pointed it to us inside the car. He didn't pointed it to my husband but to us and finally he pull the gun and my mom in law got hit and my legs too. I was scared to death and cried cause it hurts so bad and worried for my mom in law. I was wondering too cause the cops were still not there and my mom were bleeding to death. I then awake cause my husband roll over and put his arms on my tummy and i was so happy cause it's just a dream. I get up and went to the bathroom and then back to sleep. It was about time of my hubby to wake up but he change the alarm and went back to sleep. I just remember him kissing me then and said that he was leaving to work and i couldn't open my eyes while saying be safe and i love you cause I'm too sleepy still.

I didn't knew what was going on with my unfinished dreams cause when i got to sleep again i dream about my family back home. It was weird, i was in my aunt for a while cause my parents and my sister were not at home. I also see my cousin with her husband but they're gone suddenly. As i was on my aunt, i don't like their grandson cause he was very annoying and i just go and stay away from him. I didn't even help the chores in their house cause i don't want to stay there. When my parents and my sister were home, they get mad at me because of the fact that I'm not helping the chores in my aunts home. They didn't listen to me but still I'm trying to explain why it happen. And then i ended up crying cause i felt like I'm not that important to them.I felt pity for myself because of the fact that nobody cares of what i had felt. And when my tears starts running down my checks, i then awake and i still felt this hurt and sadness. I don't know but i always have this kind of dreams and ended up crying. I would say back on my days were i was on high school and even i had my job, i always cry before i fall asleep cause i easily get hurt and my sister used to embarrass me in front of her friends. She didn't care my feelings and me as her sister. I like to cry in bed cause i don't like them knowing that I'm crying and would see me because i don't want them thinking that I'm coward to them. And now when i watch those sad movies, i can't help myself not to cry cause i can remember what i had been before. It really hurts but i still love my sister, i can't make things that would hurt her cause i care for her and i know also that it's not easy when you get hurt.

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