Friday, June 12, 2009


My hubby knew that i really loves the rain so when it rains so hard, he then said " here is your rain" or if we're with our friends "my wife's rain she is happy now" and it sounds funny. When he's at work and will rain, he then called to me and then said " it's your fault why it rains let it stop". And i would replied "it's not my fault and i don't have a power to make it rain so don't blame it to me". He said "you're the reason why it rains cause you love it" and i just laugh about it cause he told me that they didn't get much of rain last year and he hates when it rains. I ask him " what do you prefer, rain or snow?" and then he answered "rain is better than snow". SO i told him "stop complaining for the rains and we need rain here cause it's dry the last winter" but he still continue to blame it for me and i just laugh at him cause i know he's just messing up with me. He likes to tease me cause he wanted to see me laugh but sometimes it doesn't work cause some of it makes me mad or upset.

When i arrived here, i told him that i wanted to see a snow cause we don't have it in the Philippines and some friends told me that it's pretty. But we didn't get much of snow last winter and he was glad for it cause he hates snow. And when it does, he used to blame it to me cause i like it and i didn't knew that it was not safe for the drivers and it's a mess on the road too. I just like to see it and it's very cold so now i didn't really care for it. For now, summer is coming and i could wear my normal clothes and don't need to be worried for the cold. What i didn't like for it is that i get warm easily and then my hands, under arms, and feet starts to sweat and i really hate it. So i tried to wear those clothes that are sleeveless and makes me comfortable but it doesn't help sometimes cause i still get perspired. Oh boy i really hate it.

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