Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is a movie that we've had just watch the other night. We rent movies from netflix and we received them on Tuesday's through Saturday's. I would like to share this movie to you guys cause this is about a true lives of a family in the middle east country. It was tittled a children of heaven because this two kids were very kind and respects their parents specially their lives. This movie isn't awesome but i like to watch it cause i can relate it to the families in the Philippines and to my own family. Every time i watch this kind of movie, i felt really bad and pity for those people who were suffered in poverty. I then thought that if only i have a lots of money i would help some of them. Since i was a kid, our lives were very poor and sometimes we just only eat twice a day cause we don't have foods to eat.

In this movie, this two kids (a boy and a girl) and one baby were born in a very poor family. Their father only works in a church to serve some tea for the people and his wage was low and can't support his family. They live in a small apartment and they're delayed for about 6 months in the payment of it so the owner always come by to ask the payment. Their mom can't work still cause she is ill so the two kids were the one who take charges of the chores. One day the boy went to a shoe repair shop to get his sister's shoe repaired cause she don't have any other pair of shoes to wear in school. After that, he buy some bread and then stop over to a market to buy some potatoes for their dinner. He put the bread and the shoes in the corner of the store and grab some potatoes. While he was busy grabbing those potatoes, the garbage collector stop by and ask permission to the owner and then grab the garbage including his sister's shoes. He has no idea that his sisters shoes was stole by the man so when he grab the bread and the shoes, he was totally shocked cause he can't find his sister's shoes. He had no idea where to find it so when he got home, his sister ask him if her shoes got repaired and he said yes but he continued and told her that it was gone. His sister told him that she would tell their dad that he lost her shoes but he stop her and said you can wear my sneakers in school cause his sister's class was in the morning and he was in the afternoon. He also told her that their dad don't have the money to buy her a pair of shoes so what they did were they shared his shoes for school.

His father's friend from the church give him some stuff to use in gardening and told him that he can go around in the village where rich people live and ask if they want a gardener. So when weekend comes, him and his dad go around in the village to look for a family who wants a gardener but they didn't find one. When they're about to decide to go back home, they stop for a while and he went in a faucet to drink and suddenly a kid inside the gate ask him if he was there cause the kid heard them. The kid ask him if he wants to go inside and play with him but he replied, tell your dad if he wants a gardener but the kid said that he don't have a dad nor his mom but what he had was a grandfather. The kid ask him if whats his name and he told him his name and he's with his dad. He told him to ask his grandfather if he wants a gardener but the kid said he's sleeping so without any words he left and then went back to his dad and leave. The kid beg him not to leave but he didn't listen so when they're getting away, the kid and his grandfather went outside and shouted them to come back so they did. And that's their lucky day cause his father got a work as a gardener and he and the kid had played all day and his dad got paid that was more than enough for their food and could buy them a pair of shoes. His dad was so grateful for the old man who was so kind to them. He too in school beg a teacher who was a coach for a 4km. run to register him in a contest cause he wanted to win in the third prize cause the prize were a new pair of sneaker. He told his sister about it and he wanted to win in the 3rd place to get her a new pair of sneakers. The day has come but for some reason he won in the first prize so he was disappointed cause he thought that he was in the 3rd place. But not to worry cause their father bought them a new pair of shoes and their foods. And that's the end of it and like i said it's not that awesome movie but i just like it.

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