Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yesterday we went camping with my husband's co worker his name is David. We were invited to spend the day in a campground site and it was my very first time doing that thing. We did some activities that was a lot of fun like the bumper boats, miniature golf, and a lot of other stuff that we weren't able to do, cause we run out of time. Bumper boats were a lot of fun we played tag on it. I had the fastest boat so it wasn't hard for me to catch people but i wasn't the best stirrer because it was my first time riding that type of boat. The boat has a squirter and it wasn't working at all. I think we all had a lot of fun playing tag with it and David wanted to do it again but the rest of us were tired specially my hands, it was sore controlling the steering wheel.

The next thing we do was a miniature golf, it's the putting part of golf, except that you putt around obstacles. It was really fun too and guess what, i was able to get two holes in one oh yeah. It was my first time playing that game and i would say i did an awesome job (char..). There were four of us and i tied for third place and the winner was my beloved husband yepeeeeyy..! He only won by two strokes, good for him. I took some picture of us and myself alone. I like the view so i thought to take some pictures from it.

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