Monday, June 22, 2009


I just had finish my breakfast and just done cleaning the mess in the kitchen. I plan to clean the house today cause it's been a while since i had clean it. But i thought to stay in front of the computer for a while and check the status of our stocks. I did visit my farm already in facebook and harvest some of my crops there and earn some coins to help me out buying a house cause my hubby always ask me if i did bought already a house. I told him that i can't afford still and i am saving some coins for me to buy one (so funny hahaha). He always told me that he can't live in the farm without a home and i told him to be patient cause soon we can have one. Oh boy I'm addicted to this farm game in facebook cause it's fun. My friend introduce this game to me cause she too and some of our friends were addicted to this game and now I'm one of them. If only we could turn this into a real money, we have now earn a lots of money from it. For now, I'm concentrating planting and harvesting some crops from my farm so that soon i could buy my hubby a wonderful house.

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