Friday, June 26, 2009


I have no idea if Michael Jackson died yesterday until my husband told me. I was watching the E! news last night and it was all about M. Jackson's life and i didn't knew that he is dead. When my hubby saw it he told me that Michael Jackson was died and the children are now safe. I can't explain what i had felt for him, i felt shocked and sad knowing that he's suddenly died. My hubby didn't like him after he's facing an accusation from a child molestation and as far as i know he paid the victims a million dollar but i do still love his music though until now. His life has been miserable since he had been accused by a child molestation and i felt sorry for him but finally he won in the allegation for him last 2005. I didn't mean that i totally believe him but the allegation for him were coming over and over and i kind of doubt it if they're telling the truth. You know some people would do anything just to make you fell where you've been standing specially when they feel like they're gonna lose.While he was fighting or i should say defending his self in all of the accusation, i never heard some new album from him. And if there was, it ain't got to the top hit cause it was affected by the alleged he had been facing back then.

Michael Jackson died yesterday afternoon in a Los Angeles Hospital. He had been rushed to the hospital in full cardiac arrest after collapsing at his nearby rental home. His death was front page news around the world as like as his greatest hits songs. The world questions as what cause by his shocking death, so the police would like to undergo an autopsy for him. Thousands of fans gathered in front of the UCLA medical hospital where he was confined and died just to show some love and respect and condolences for the passed KING OF POP. Some were interviewed and ask why they gathered there and they answered they just want to give him respect and love cause they're enjoying his songs since then and for them he's the legend of the pop. I was watching some news this morning and this is what i knew and I'd like to share it to you guys. As for the fans that were gathered there, i felt the same way and I'm sad that he was suddenly gone. Even if he's now gone, he remains in our minds and hearts and leaves an indelible imprint on popular music and culture. He's one of the most widely beloved entertainers and profoundly influential artists of all-times. REST IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON..

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