Thursday, June 18, 2009


We were watching a movie last night which was about these three kids who suffered from the hands of these two bully kids. As i was watching the movie, i remember my high school life where i was been bullied by my classmate. He started to do that to me when we were still in our sixth grade until we graduated in high school. He used to make fun on me, punch me, yell in front of me with his big creepy eyes and most of all he didn't respect me. He even used to embarrass me in front of my classmates and friends but i didn't do anything to stop him cause i don't have a strength to do it. Nobody was there for me to defend and protect me from him cause even my friends will laugh when they saw him while doing some foolishness to me. For me it's not funny cause he hurt me inside and out and i felt like nobody was there for me and care of what i had felt inside. I can't even talk to my parents of what was happening in school to me cause they're not home all the time because they were in the city and all of my siblings were there too so I'm all alone at home. I don't even like to share my problem to my cousins cause I'm ashamed for myself and i don't want to hear from them saying that that I'm a coward.

All of my high school days, i was been suffering from my bully classmate and i kind of wondering why he likes to do that to me. I even didn't do anything harmful to him nor embarrass him in front his friends. I thought he just like to prove to someone that he's brave enough to fight me cause i don't even fight him back. I don't have the courage to make him stop cause in my mind he's just disrespecting my personality and I'm just a poor girl in the class who have no fancy shoes, clothes, and stuff like that and I'm so ugly and nobody would like me and i accept it. However it helps me inside to be patient and understand each person around me and i kinda learn to make myself calm and strong to not be discouraged for my studies. And i know that someday my life would be so different and he could no longer do some foolishness to me and i swear if i would see him again i would tell him that he's so stupid ass hole and dumbest person that I've ever meet in my whole life. It's not revenge but just to let him know that life is not the same and what he did to me was the dumbest thing he have had ever done to his life.

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