Monday, June 15, 2009


My hubby come home last night from their tournament at around 1 o'clock in the morning and i felt pity for him cause he looks so tired. His eyes looks like it would give from being awake and i can imagine why. He just got 5 hours of sleep the other night and then went back to their pool tournament for the whole day yesterday until midnight. Once in every game they've played were over he called me and let me know if they win or lose. The first and second game were they won and if they won for the third game they would qualify for VEGAS tournament but for some reason they lose the third game. So the staff for the tournament see that they're just a few points behind, they give them a fourth game as a chance but they still lose it. Their co-captain really upset for their captain cause he lose his game and he really should need to win it and to the rest of the team. I understand for them that they lose it cause they're so tired already playing there for the whole day until midnight.

I really wanted to go to Las Vegas so bad but for now we still have no budget to spend there so I'll just wait maybe sometime soon and if the money looks alright. My hubby likes to drove me there instead of flying cause he wants to show me the beautiful places that we'll pass by and i would like it. I love travelling and see some nice places so i don't care if it took an hours of hours to drive to get there cause for me i love looking the nice view and took some pictures from it. For me it's an adventure even flying is i really like it also except in riding a ship. I'm really scared of it specially when it reached to the deepest part of the ocean i can't help myself thinking about sinking cause i didn't knew how to swim hahaha funny. So i don't really care riding on a ship cause it makes me scared to death.

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