Saturday, June 6, 2009


We had just got home from the baby shower party, i felt tired cause I've been up early this morning for around 7 o'clock. I fall asleep last night for around 12 o'clock cause i can't get to sleep earlier cause i used to sleep so late than that. My friends asks me to help them preparing the foods for the party so i need to be there earlier. I didn't know much in cooking so what i did was just helping them preparing for the foods to cook. I like to cook but i don't know much of it and I'm still learning some of it.

It's good to see my girl friends again but some didn't come for some reason but we still had fun though. I would say the pinay girls would really like taking pictures with each other and that's what our fun when we get together. We just only played two games and i try to join and hoping to win but i don't have a luck for that and it's OK it's just for fun. I took some pictures for the celebrant while opening her gifts. After the gift opening, the girls went outside for the photo shoots again and me, i just stay inside and sing alone. Sometimes i don't like taking so much pictures and i already had pictures of us all so it's enough for me. Oh well i had a good time at the party and i don't know when can we see each other again. Well i guess i have to go now and get some rest.

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