Sunday, June 14, 2009


I supposed to come with my hubby for his continued pool tournament today but i wasn't able to cause i felt tired. I was there with him yesterday cause he wanted to buy me some stuff for the pool game and we got one which is my hand glove. I need it when playing cause my hands used to sweat every time i felt warm. We arrived there at noon but their game will starts at 6 o'clock in the evening. He supposed to get some practise but there's no vacant table cause tons of team player were there for the pool tournament, so we decided to go some shopping in the nearby mall. The whole day, team players with the 8 balls were playing and then in the evening the 9 ball team player played until the whole day of today.

It was so nice watching their game, it's kinda breath taking cause both team tries to win. Even though i didn't play, i felt nervous watching them playing and it was really awesome. The first game, my hubby's team won and in the second game they lost it but they're not away for the score just only a few points. I heard Carrie (my hubby's co- player in the team and their co-captain) that they need to win for today's first game for them to qualify for LAS VEGAS pool tournament where teams of different states will match the game. I was glad to know that they won for today's first game and i didn't know for sure yet if they qualify for VEGAS. When my hubby called me a while ago, i missed it cause i left my phone downstairs while i took shower upstairs. He told me that they won for the first game and hopefully they still win for the next game and he didn't tell me if they qualify for VEGAS. I hope they won for the continued game and hopefully they would qualify for VEGAS cause i badly would like to go there so as my hubby. We can always go to VEGAS but if they would qualify for it, we can save some money cause they're free for the airfare and the hotel. All we need to spend there is for our foods and other than that is nothing to be worry about. Oh GOD i hope they won and qualify for LAS VEGAS pool tournament.

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