Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It's been so nice outside today but i haven't gone going out yet. I had a date with my friends today, we're going to go some shopping. They will come and pick me up later and then hang around the mall. I like to shop but i don't like to spend more money for it cause for now we're still behind from our debts. We didn't go shopping always because i can't drive and my friends were far from our home. During weekends, my hubby and i were always hang with our friends specially with john and his wife cause my hubby likes to play a warcraft with him in their computer. They're kind of addicted to that game, they spend hours and hours of playing. While us (the wives) were play also in the farm town in facebook.

Oh boy it looks like it will rain cause the clouds were getting dark but it still a good day though. It is not that warm nor cold outside and it so nice to go around. I thought of riding my bike again but i guess it's too late for now cause soon my friends will pick me up and we're gonna leave for shopping. Oh well better luck next time, i hope tomorrow will still be a nice day for me to ride my bike again. It's been a while since i did it so i kind of miss doing it. I had just dream last night that I've been riding my bike and I'm good at it hahaha so funny. I didn't knew for sure if I'm good at it for now cause i just practise it once.

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