Sunday, June 7, 2009


Many people say that good friends are hard to find but for me i don't think so. For me, friendship is about sharing each others thought, respecting each others lives, understands both sides, forgive and forget every wrong both did and most of all love each other. But sometimes when trials comes our way, our pride comes after all and never forget. They say that best friend will become your best enemy and i would say it's true. When i was on my high school, i have one close friend and when things go wrong, she hated me so much but she forgive me but she's no longer my close friend. I would say it's not my fault that she get mad at me, it's just because i told the truth to her grandmother and i didn't knew she would upset with what i did. I don't like to lie specially to those older ones and what she ask me i answered it true but i have no idea what her grandmother told her cause the next day she no longer talk to me. After then, she found a new close friends and me too found a new friends.

I met a bunch of people and i would say that some of them were good and some were i can tell in my first impression as a snobbish. I'm a kind of person who doesn't mind if people don't like to know my personality even if we're setting aside with each other. I don't even care if they don't smile me back cause in my heart and mind, they just don't like the whole me. I'm kinda picky in finding friends that i could talk to cause i felt discourage before having a close friends but in the end they just left and told me that they don't like me. It really hurts but i accept it and move on cause that's what they find me. However, i learn from it and grateful that they told me what they had felt for me cause i have now an idea of what to do or change some of the weaknesses i had. And now, I'm trying to watch out of what i had to say and do but sometimes it doesn't work. I don't like to hurt someones feeling but i always received bad words from anyone i could call friends and would hurt me but i don't like to do it to them. I just always remember to be true to myself and respect to anyone around me. You can really tell if what you did or say to someone is hurting and i can felt that sometime to myself too and feel guilty inside. Sometimes i ask an apologize if it's not too late yet cause that makes your friendship more better.

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