Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was totally shocked when i saw the time of my cellphone, it's already 11:34am and I'm still in bed just woke up. I'm awake earlier than that like 8:25am but i choose to stay for a while in bed and let my mind wander around and think about the hardship that we're facing now. I didn't knew that i fall asleep again and start dreaming things like i come home to my family in the Philippines alone. I feel like it was true and not just a dream. I was longing to see my friends in high school and it did happen. I saw my two friends who were both my neighbor; we didn't see each other for over two years now cause they're both married and live far away home. When i see them i hugged them so tight and felt like they're changing i mean it's weird. The other one didn't stay nor talk to me cause she was in a hurry to leave so i just talk to my one friend who was left. I asked her if where's her baby cause i know she was pregnant when i left and fly here. She told me that she didn't knew and she seems like she's having an amnesia cause every question i ask, she didn't knew.

I felt not right so i went home to my parents and they asked me if where's my husband. I told them that he didn't come with me cause he needs to work. But i felt lonely that he's not with me and misses him much cause he's far from me. I then started to feel worried that he's far from me and realized that i shouldn't leave him alone in the house. I then thought of flying back home immediately to him but i realized that i don't have the money and don't have travel documents. I felt so worried knowing that i couldn't see him again and started to cry. But i suddenly woke up and realized that it was just a dream. I'm so glad knowing that it's just a dream and happy that it's not true. I don't know i always have this kind of dreams. I know it's not true but sometimes it can be twisted. I hope it won't be happen whether him nor me to surrender on our love cause i don't want to start all over again finding my true love. I know he don't want it to happen too but I'm just afraid for everything. But as long as i live i would cherish him no matter what. That's what our promises and hope that it won't change as time goes by.

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