Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's been so hot today, I would like to go swimming by myself but we don't have keys for the swimming pool in our townhouse complex. We should have it but i don't know why my hubby doesn't have a duplicate for the keys. My hands and feet never stops sweating, oh i really hate it. Tomorrow I thought of visiting my friend, which is a pretty good distance from our house. Today is her birthday and i have some present for her but it would be late for me to give the present tomorrow. Anyhow I already greet her this morning and i never told her that i have something for her. It's a surprise for her tomorrow, i hope she like my present. And i told her already that I'm gonna come over to her place one of these days of this week and tomorrow is the good time. Because today she is kind of busy cause her in laws were there and they're gonna leave going back home tomorrow.

Today I received a mail from USCIS stating that my visa was been approved last Monday and told me to obtain temporary evidence of my lawful permanent resident status. It is a stamp that will serve as a temporary evidence of my lawful permanent resident status until I receive my Permanent Resident Card. But i need to use an INFOPASS appointment scheduling system at which will allow me to schedule to meet with an Information Officer. I was so glad that they approved my Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status(Form I-485). When i grab the mail, I felt so nervous and kind of scared cause I thought they need more documents from us but I was glad that they didn't. Thank GOD we're done with this.

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