Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Finally I won for the very first time on my pool game history last night yippeey! Actually it was my 5th times playing it and I did really my best to win. My team was happy watching my game and they said that I did really an awesome job, oh yeah! I still feel a little bit nervous and my body shake still, I don't know it does happen to me all the time since I started playing my first pool game. They told me that I'm getting used to it and don't feel nervous or shake but i don't think it's gonna happen to me. Why? Because every time I play I still felt nervous and my body shakes and I hate it. Anyhow I never expected to win my game last night cause for me I'm still not good in that game. Besides the lady that i was been playing with was more well than me cause she's been playing long enough before me. I would say it's my luck that I won my game last night.

My hubby won his game last night too and I'm so proud of him. He's really getting better than before cause he always got beat up. Even though our team didn't win last night, I still feel good cause I had fun playing with and won even if i still have this uneasy feeling. I would say that my hubby and I got luck last night cause we both won our game. Oh i hope I still win the next games I'll play cause I still need 5 more games for this season. I really love this game because it's fun and I met a lot of friends too. Even if I'm not good enough for this game but still they cheer me up and proud of me cause they saw that I'm trying my best to play well. I'm so grateful for our team specially my hubby for registering me in this APA pool league cause now I'm doing well and loving it and glad that I met a lot of friends.

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