Monday, July 13, 2009


We've had just been at the USCIS this morning to have my initial interview for my conditional green card. I felt a little bit nervous while waiting for our names to be called and a kind of excited too and wishing that the person who will interview us were nice. We've waited there for like more than a half an hour for our names to be called and i started to feel tired cause i don't get enough sleep last night thinking about it. Well this is what i felt every time I have something to do like interview especially for visa; I can't sleep at night thinking of it over and over again. And my mind never stop wandering around about things happening lately and for the hardship we're facing in our life and also things of what would happen if they will deny my application? I just watched some TV shows to help my mind relax and to passed the time.

Finally the lady called our names and we follow her to her office room and sit there and then she started asking some questions to us. By then I started to feel comfortable and calm cause she was so nice to us. We don't have everything she needed specially a joint accounts from us cause I wasn't able to get an SSN after months that I arrived here. We screwed it up for some reason but she understands it and we just show some other supporting documents which shows my marriage name on it. She made some photocopies of our photos and other documents that she needed specially my passport. Gosh, I forgot to make some photocopies of it and I'm so glad that she didn't asked of why we weren't able to make some. Like I said she was nice and we're lucky that she's the one who interviewed us. After she gathered all the supporting documents she needed, she then told us that they will approve my visa and if they needed any other documents they will mail us. Oh i hope they won't need any other documents from us then and I hope I could get my visa soon i hope. We'll I'm so glad it's done and the next thing I worry is to remove the conditional status of my visa but I would wait for about 1 and a half years to make that happen. Oh thank GOD we're done with this.


  1. I am glad Mae that your interview was fine. I still remembered that day when I had my interview. It's a little bit scary because of.... what if they will deny my visa? Just this afternoon I received my 10 year green card. I am really happy about it. If you have some question regarding how to remove your conditional status, just don't hesitate to ask me and I will try my best to help you. Take care and congratulation.

  2. thank you, i felt relief after the interview and glad that it's over. congratulation also for your 10 year greeancard..