Friday, July 10, 2009


It's been so hot this week, and I couldn't even remember if it does rain either. I never been outside much cause the heat of the sun hurts your skin and I kind of feel like i'm in my homeland but only it is humid there and here is dry. The other day my friend with her son and I took a walk over to the gas station which is a pretty good distance from our home to buy a lotto ticket and hoping that our number will win. But we didn't get luck huhuhu; well better luck next time i hope. It was so hot that day, I couldn't even stop sweating and my nose starts to sore and bleed. This is what I feel if it is so hot and if it is so cold, I would then feel my nose sore and then bleed. I know I'm still adjusting the climate here but in my homeland I never experience that my nose will bleed even if it is too hot there. I just feel my nose sore but it didn't bleed.

Well I'm so glad that it is now Friday, my hubby would really like this day cause he can get rest for the weekends from work. When he come home from work later, he will then take his shower and then we will leave to our friends' house and have dinner with them. That's what we do on our Friday, hang with our friends house and have dinner with them and then our husbands' will spend time playing in their favorite game until dawn. My husband would really love to play with our friend in their favorite warcraft game and I support of what makes him happy. Well have a good weekend everyone.

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