Monday, July 20, 2009


I feel better today when I woke up than yesterday. I've been suffering a stomachache so bad yesterday and I keep going back to the bathroom for like 8th times. Yesterday we were at Debbie's' house to help her out for her furniture to be painted and move some things in her house and place it back to where it was before. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to help them as I wanted to cause I just sit on the couch to get rest myself from the pain i felt from my stomach. Debbie gave me a medicine to help relieve the pain but it doesn't help at all instead, it keeps coming back. I ask my hubby that I wanna go home to lay down cause i felt so sleepy and tired maybe it's because of the pain I had felt. But he still needs to finish what he had started so I just wait and sit there on the couch 'till i fell asleep. I woke up after 30 minutes and they're not done yet so I keep on waiting until my hubby decided not to finish it. Debbie understands cause she see that I'm so sick and needs to get rest and I felt sorry that I wasn't able to help them. It's good that her nephew and nieces were there to help her so we head back home.

When we got home, I immediately changed my clothes and then lay down on our couch cause I don't feel good to move around the house. We watched movie cause my hubby wanted to but after a while I fall asleep again and wasn't able to finish the movie. He then decided to play his game and cook our dinner as well. I would say that he's such a good husband to me cause he cook for me and do things that other husbands didn't do their wives. Oh husband, you're ever dear to me since we met and felt lucky to have you in my life. I couldn't ask for more cause you're so kind to me dear.

Well I woke up before our dinner was ready and then watch again our movie while waiting for our dinner but still my stomach is upset and I don't feel like eating our dinner but I have to. So after our dinner we finish watching the movie and then after I went upstairs to clean myself and get ready to bed, while my hubby stays downstairs and play his game for a while. It took him an hour playing his game so when he went to bed i already fall asleep. He just woke me this morning before he left to work and ask if I feel better but I still feel not good for some reason. I just told him that maybe later when i get up it will go away and he wishes that i would feel better then. I went back to sleep cause I'm still sleepy and when I woke up again, I felt better but still I'm tired. My hubby called me from his work and asks if how I felt, I told him that I feel better but still I'm tired. He replied that it's because i sleep to much last night. I'm so glad the pain was gone and hope it won't come back.


  1. Hello Mae. I am glad that you feel fine now. Maybe you ate something that your stomach did not like or maybe your monthly visitor is on it's way. If both of this were not the reason you should see a doctor. It's better to know what's that pain all about. Well my friend, take care yourself. We are very lucky to have a husband that's very thoughtful. My husband is like that. Whenever I don't feel good, he will always there for me.

  2. sagol man lang gud ako kaon pg saturday mao cgro nglaen ako tyan pgkaugma pero ok na nuon ko. yeah we both were lucky; well thanks for the concern friend i really appreciate it.