Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The great birthday cake disaster

Guest post written by Pat Harris

My husband was on a business trip on his actual birthday so I planned to make a nice homemade meal of pot roast and a double chocolate cake.

He expected to get into the airport at about 6 that night and get to our house at about 7. So I tried to plan around that time and started making the cake from scratch that afternoon. Everything went well until I actually started baking it. I set the oven timer to beep when it was ready and didn’t even hear it go off. I got caught up in an episode of “Friends” that was on TV and then I started to smell something funny. Then I remembered that the cake was in the oven. I rushed into the kitchen only to find the cake charred and smelly.

However, lucky for me, my husband’s flight got delayed for an hour so I had time to salvage my leftover ingredients and bake a new cake. In that extra time I had before he got home I looked up hearing aid prices because I know that the oven timer was working find and my hearing was the problem.

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