Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Are you one of those people out there who really loves downloading music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks and more from iTunes Store? Well here's a good news for you guys and gals from the largest provider of gift cards throughout the U.S. and Canada, the Blackhawk Network. They are happy to announce that iTunes Online Gifts are now available in the U.S. exclusively in the iTunes Fan Page via Facebook. How cool is that?

In this way, Facebook users can now have an opportunity to purchase and send iTunes Online Gifts with a great new way and a hassle-free to their friends via iTunes Fan Page on Facebook. All you have to do is to create and customize your gift with a choice of themed designs to your friends and family. Next, set a date for electronic delivery and it will automatically post on their Facebook Wall. And lastly, recipient can instantly redeem their iTunes Online Gift at the iTunes Store. They can choose from the largest online selection of music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks and more at the iTunes Store.

An iTunes Online Gift is an ideal presents for a family or friends during holidays, birthdays, or in any occasions especially if they have an account in Facebook. Through iTunes Fan Page, you can easily purchase and send iTunes Online Gifts to your friends and family via Facebook. It's both hassle-free and easy for you the sender and the recipient because they can receive it as a post on their Facebook Wall and can instantly redeem their iTunes online gifts at the iTunes Store. And for you the sender, you can easily create and customize it with your choice of design themes and instantly sent it on your friends and family on their Facebook Wall. What could be better?

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