Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm pretty much done with the household chores that I had started this morning. Well anyway, I'm all alone at home today and finish doing laundry and some chores that I needed to be done today. I like being alone at home sometimes cause I can concentrate to finish my work and feel peaceful. It doesn't mean that I don't like being with my mom-in law and my husband at home but I just don't like bothering someone when I'm doing some chores especially when I'm cleaning. Anyway, my mom-in law is in the hospital again cause she was having trouble breathing last Thursday afternoon and we brought her to the nearest hospital. Anyhow, she's been having trouble breathing since she was been released from the hospital the second time she had been hospitalize that's why she decided to buy some oxygen to help her easier to breath. But last Thursday it gets worse so we brought her to the hospital.

Unfortunately, she celebrated her birthday yesterday over there at the hospital and we feel sorry for her because of her situation. We just bought her a little cake and her present over there and celebrated her birthday. It's not what she was hoping for her birthday but sometimes we just can't control the situation. I would say that we always hope for the good things but it will turn out bad sometimes. Life isn't fair and it sucks sometimes. I'm hoping for mom that she will get better soon cause Christmas will be here shortly. She hasn't wrapped her presents for us yet so she needs to be home before then (just kidding). I don't really care for the gifts cause I only care for her health and hope that she will be release from the hospital this week. It won't be complete if she's not around with us on Christmas day. In fact, this would be our first Christmas together in our little home. We invited a couple friends of ours to come over and spend with us on that day but they're not sure if they could make it. Oh well, I hope that our holiday season will be fine and complete then. Have a Merry Christmas everyone and hope you guys will enjoy your holiday seasons with your family.

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