Sunday, December 6, 2009


What a freezing day we've had today. The snow started last night and 'til now it's still falling. From the weather forecast, the snow will last 'til Tuesday and I couldn't imagine what would it be look like in the outside then. Even if I'm here inside in our little home, I still can feel how freezing it is outside. It is really nasty out there and it would be worse tomorrow if it won't stop snowing. Snow is very dangerous if you are driving especially if you're one of those careless drivers out there.
Anyhow, we supposed to go out today with mom but for some reason she changed her mind. She doesn't like driving while snowing as well. And it won't be easy for her to walk on the snow. I remember when I first got here and seeing the snow for the first time was very pretty. Until now I still like watching the snow falling and from the mountains fall of snow. It's really pretty looking the trees with the snow on it turning into crystal and the snowman also is a pretty cool idea whoever started it and looks pretty. I'm wishing to make a snowman since I got here but 'til now I wasn't able to for some reason. I thought of making one today for a very first time but I don't think I could cause I still have some colds. Maybe one of these days I'll try making one with my hubby cause he know how to make it and I don't. Oh well, stay freezing este stay warm everyone..

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  1. Here in LA Mae it's raining but its cold and chilly. I easy feel cold even just in a regular day. Hope you are ok. I also think that it is a good idea that you postponed whatever you have plan because it is dangerous when the road are full of snow.Take care my friend and enjoy your day.