Friday, December 25, 2009


Last night, I was counting down every second in every minute and in every hour thinking of this holiday season to come. What excite me most? Everything and most especially the greeting card from my beloved bana. Don't know why I do love reading it over and over. I feel like I'm still having this infatuation love for him wink... When we woke this early morning, my hubby is excited doing the unwrapping moments for the presents. I didn't blame him cause I do feel the same way too but I told him to not do that until I come downstairs. After I took a shower, I immediately went downstairs cause I know he is there waiting patiently for me. My mom-in law is up already so I thought they're just waiting for me. Then hubby started distributing the presents and we unwrapped each of what we've got.
However, I felt so happy and complete for this holiday season and so glad that my mom-in law is home with us this day. I felt bad for her situation though cause of the fact that she decided to stop going to her medication. She's tired of it and thought that she's ready for whatever situation she may facing then and I kinda understand her. It's just really terrible that she suffer through these pains she is having now. It made me realized to be watchful and have extra care eating whatever foods I may have. We may not know if we're still eating safely but getting to know the stuff we'll eat is better. Well anyhow, I'm just enjoying our Christmas day in our little home with my hubby and my mom-in law. I felt love and complete and most importantly, grateful having such a wonderful, thoughtful and a loving husband, a family who really love and cares for us both, a friends who cares, a good health we have, and the everyday struggle we had and still surviving. Have a Marvelous Christmas and a Prosperous New Year everyone...

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