Saturday, December 5, 2009


I'm always out of time doing or updating this thingy for now because of so many things that I needed to do first especially during weekends. Today we've had just done some grocery shopping and took mom to great hair clips to get haircut done. I was so tired I didn't know why and thought of taking a nap when we get home but for reason I just didn't. And then I remember that one of my friends is having a birthday party for her son and forgot to call her to let her know that I couldn't make it. But I told her few weeks earlier that I'm not sure if I could attend their party. I wasn't able to reply her cause I just received it through my phone and forgot to response it when I open my yahoo messenger. Oh well, I'll just email her or something.

Anyhow, tomorrow is gonna be freezing again and snowing as well grrrr.... Mom and I are gonna do a little Christmas shopping cause she wants to. I also thought of buying some gifts for our exchange gift for work this coming Wednesday. Actually I have no idea of what to buy yet but I'm pretty sure I could find something nice but affordable that I may like to wrap. My hubby will be going to his game so it's gonna be me and mom bonding.

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