Sunday, November 22, 2009


I thought I would get better today than yesterday cause I've been resting for the whole night and took some medicine for my sinusitis, but apparently not. I woke up feeling better today which to me is a good sign cause tomorrow is a working day again. But when we went outside and do some grocery shopping, I felt worst than yesterday like I could barely breathe cause my nose is all plug up. It was very soar and my headaches started to attacked again. I wasn't able to take my medicine immediately as I wanted to cause we haven't take our meals yet. This is really worst cause winter is around and besides we're in the higher elevation so if I won't get any better, this will drive me crazy. In fact, it wasn't bad at all today cause the sun is up and the temperature is above 40*F outside but I couldn't enjoy the day because of this sinusitis I have been suffering for a couple of days now.

When we got home, I immediately went upstairs to our bed and took a nap hoping that it would help me feeling better. I set my alarm on for taking my medicine but for some reason when I woke up, by my surprise it was passed the alarm time I had set. I'm wondering of why i haven't heard my alarm so when I checked it to see what's wrong with my phone or something, I found out that it's a sign of my aging, I forgot to turn on the snooze (toink).. I got up and went downstairs and took my medicine. I am glad that after minutes that I took it, I started feeling better and hopefully tomorrow I would feel fine at work cause I don't like to skip from it. Oh well, I'll just see what happens and hopes for the best.


  1. Have you tried using a neti pot Mae? I haven't tried it because I don't have sinusitis but a lot of our customers in our store swore that it is really working. Try to search it online. All you have to do is use the Neti Pot and the solution maybe at lease once a week. Your sinusitis will feel better. Hope okay naka karon. Ingat diha sa kanunay.

  2. thanks ann i'll try to search that online.. anyhow i feel better today compared this last four days that my nose really sore and my head aches so bad. gi kaluy an na intawn ko mka pahuway na gyud ko ane ug tarong..