Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hello to all of my friends here in blogging world, how ya'll doin'? Anyhow, it's been like decades since i last updated this thingy and now I'm feeling like doing it over again. I'm just being busy and of course lazy this past few decades that's why I haven't touched this and my apology to some of you who've been contacting me through here but I never get a chance to respond them. Well now I'll try my very best to take actions responding to you guys and taking actions updating my blog once a week maybe (just kidding) probably if I got a chance everyday I will. But we'll see if Mr. Lazy doesn't attack me everyday lol.. Well have a goodnight everyone and hope you'll accept my apologies to ya'll..


  1. Welcome back Mae. I understand when Mr. Laziness attacks us...then blogging is set aside for awhile....But good to hear that you're okay. Have a pleasant day Mae.

  2. thanks ann, yup i'm doing fine here hope you too..