Monday, June 7, 2010


My Monday starts with a warm and a sunny day. I got up from bed at around 8 o'clock in the morning in my very bright lonely room. Today is my first day of the week where I spend alone in the house. It's kinda lonely and sad 'cause I'm used to have a company in the house before when I wasn't working and now that I am back with staying at home, it feels weird. I love to be in a quiet and peaceful environment but now I feel like I need someone to stay with me all the time. Oh well, I gotta have to think of what fun that I could do here to enjoy my day.

Well anyway, I thought of doing a jogging early in the morning but for some reason I wasn't be able to. I don't like to run outside when the sun is up and so warm. What I just did was I do my 40 set ups today which I do everyday but less than 4o and tried searching some disco music in YouTube over our PS3 to burst out with some sweats in my body. And then after that I ate my breakfast and clean up the mess in the kitchen. I thought of making a phone call to a friend which I haven't heard for a while. I'm hoping she and her husband is doing well.

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