Friday, June 18, 2010


Most workers favorite day of the week is Friday, why? Because it means that it’s the last day of the week for work and then a day after that is the day where they could spend their quality time for family of course and for their friends. Flies so fast, that’s what they always said. That if you enjoy your job and didn’t notice the time but for those people who felt bored and or hate their job, time is so slow. For me who doesn’t have a job right at the moment, I’m still excited for the weekends because I got to spend my time with hubby doing some stuff we both enjoyed. Staying at home all by yourself doing nothing is such a boring life especially I’m used to have a job ever since I graduated my high school life. I love to work to earn some and help to save some. That’s how I am when I am working, I could save a lot ‘cause I hate to spend my money to some stuff that I don’t really needed. I thought of a lot ahead of time and usually afraid to spend my savings. But of course I treat myself sometimes for a stuff that I enjoyed like going shopping but still I put a limit to what I spent. Well anyhow, I’m trying to get a driver’s license very soon and hopefully I could get one ‘cause it’s not easy to find a job here when you’re not driving. Well, wish me luck friends.

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