Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going Around in Circles

This post is by Oliver Sykes.

My favorite spring sport to watch on satellite TV has to be NASCAR. If you're a fan of watching fast action with lots of drama, then NASCAR has to be one of the best sports to watch during the spring. I found some good cable tv deals in Buffaloso that I could watch as much NASCAR as possible. As a huge fan of football, both pro and college, trying to find something that fills the gap during the off season can be difficult. Fortunately, auto racingdoes the trick.

I particularly like the super speedways, and the mile and a half tracks. Watching the top racers like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kyle Bush, and Carl Edwards duke it out week after week is great fun to watch, and lots of excitement. Soon the race for the Sprint Cup will be underway, and Jimmy Johnson will once again be trying to fend off the challengers to his title. He has won an unprecedented amount of championships, and probably will go down as one of the greatest stock car racers ever.

Without a doubt my favorite spring sport to watch while waiting for the beginning of another football season to begin, is definitely professional car racing. Places like Daytona, Talladega, and Texas Speedway are great venues to get the juices flowing with the level of competition that those raceways bring out in the drivers.
Watching NASCAR makes for an easier time while waiting for the real sports to begin.

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