Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Best MP3 Player for My Budget

Guest post from Kenzi Devinton

My husband was very specific when he asked for his Father's Day gift this year. He stated that he wanted an MP3 player that was better than the one he had, so he could listen to it at work. He works in surgery as a nurse and plugs his player into speakers while the surgery is taking place. He is unable to touch the player so he needed something easy for others to navigate.

He needed something with a lot of storage as he had thousands of songs on his previous model and wanted to add thousands more. He also needed something that was powerful and wouldn't die in an hour. Including the fact that it had to be easy for others to figure out, I had my work cut out for me.

I used my hughes internet satellite to go to and compare MP3 players. I also checked out ratings, reviews and prices for each player. I ended up finding several that I thought would work, so I made a choice based on ratings and reviews. I got him exactly what he asked for and the player does have a simple on/off switch for his coworkers to be able to find. Listening to music is one of his favorite things to do and I am glad that I was able to find him exactly what he wanted this year.

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