Saturday, June 12, 2010


Yesterday, it was hailing and raining and we got a tornado warning in our place. I was alone at home watching a movie via Netflix streaming over our PS3 when suddenly the siren goes off outside. At first I thought it was a siren of a war or something but when I heard of what it was, I was laughing at myself. On the other hand, I was terrified of what to do ‘cause I saw this huge and dark form of clouds not too far from our house. First, I ran up and down the stairs and closed all the windows upstairs then head downstairs and hide myself in a closet. Lots of thoughts had in my mind and then I called my hubby from work and he missed it so I just leave him some message. After a little while he call me back and told me to calm down ‘cause it will be alright ‘cause there’s no bad tornado history in this state since he moved out here. Fortunately, it didn’t hit by our place and was so glad for that. I forgot to take some picture of that thing ‘cause like I said I was terrified. Well anyway, it’s normal for this month that we could get lots of tornado warning but I never heard of a bad tornado here yet so it’s good.

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  1. That's scary Mae. If I was in your place I will surely be shivering especially waz man ta naanad danang siren oi. Good thing everybody is okay. Ingat mo diha perme.