Thursday, June 10, 2010


As a couple, we love to do things together as part of our leisure. One of them is going fishing to one of the lakes here in Colorado. I love fish and it’s been like decades since I ate the fresh one. Colorado is very far from the ocean so our seafoods here aren’t fresh at all and they’re all frozen. On the other hand, we do have different kinds of fishes here but not from the salted water but from the pure water like lakes and rivers.

This was my first fish and I was so astonished that I caught one.
And this was my hubby’s first fish.

My hubby doesn’t like fish but because his wife does love it, he goes with the flow. Pretty much once in every weekend we went into some lakes to go fishing. Our first fishing was up in the lake of George Town. It is very nice up there and pretty much the fish we caught was trout. My hubby caught three of them but we let them go ‘cause he said that they still were small. It was really fun and I caught one of them also but again we let it go ‘cause like I said earlier it was still small. After a little while, my hubby asked one of the people who was fishing about how big are the fishes that we could only take home. He told him that we caught some but we let it go ‘cause we thought it was still a baby. And the man told him that it was pretty much the size of the fish that we could catch but we only could take 4 of them home. So after a while we didn’t caught any so we decided to go home and we ended up nothing.

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