Monday, June 28, 2010

Glenwood Adventure

Last Saturday, hubby and me and the two granddaughters of the Meineke went down to Glenwood Springs to experience some adventurous stuff. The main thing my hubby wants us to experience is the alpinecoaster  ride which is the most fun of all the amusement stuff to do but unfortunately it was close for some reason. Don’t know if it’s close for good or just for a while and my hubby was so disappointed for that. However, since we’re there already we still tried doing some stuff like cave tours, which is pretty interesting as well. Actually, it was our second cave tours for hubby and I with my mom-in law a year ago down to Colorado Springs. But anyhow, the tour lasted for like 30minutes or less than that and it was amazing. I took some pictures inside the cave while listening the tour guide about the history of the cave.

When we’re done with the cave tour, hubby thought of riding the canyon giant swing that carries four people but it was closed already. It seems like we don’t have luck for the most exciting stuff ‘cause that huge swing was working before we went to our cave tours. Anyhow, since it wasn’t close to dark yet we decided to go to one of the mall for a little while and then head for dinner. After that we head back home for another three hours drive. It was already dark when we left Glenwood Springs and of course we had a blast. That was one long day and looking forward of going back there probably by the end of summer with the Meineke’s for a river rafting. It’ll be fun and exciting and can’t wait for that.

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