Friday, October 2, 2009


Friends anywhere, everywhere I treasured. Having friends to hang out with especially to share with and to talk with about the problems in life for me could help out the awful feelings that I had felt. Sometimes you really need someone to ask for an advice because you can't handle it all by yourself and to make you feel better. I'm one of those people who really need someone to talk to and sometimes need some advice because I felt like the earth is falling down on me. But I only ask the one whom I could trust to and never turn me down to give some good advice and makes my hopes alive.

I met a friend a year ago back in Cebu and becomes a good friend even though we don't hang out always because we both were a pretty far from each other. We always talk online much more when she got here in US. We pretty much have a lot in common about our struggles in life especially in our younger days that's why we talk a lot about it and never hesitated to share with each other. But what I really admire most of her is that she has very strong faith in herself and I could consider her now as a successful woman. She has more a very hard time back then in her younger days than I was but yet she still achieved her dreams. From my friends' entire life story, hers' is the most wonderful and colorful. You know why? Because she had more sacrifices than anyone else I've had ever heard but still her strong faith in herself is what makes her inspired to be what she is now. She is also a wise woman and uses her brain to make her dreams come true.

In fact, she's really ever a dear friend to me since then. She always makes me inspired from her words like giving a good advice or so. She is so humble and kind to me even if we don't spend some time together cause we're far from each other. When I'm feeling down, she lifts my hopes up and makes it alive. It really does relieves my pain and hopes for the best. I know I have people around that gives me hope but sometimes they make it worse. I'm glad that I had a friend that I could count on. Thanks to you friend for making my hopes alive.


  1. I agree in you mae. There are so many people that wants to be your friends and vice versa but there are only very few that you can lean, trust and count on. With the crisis and problems we have faced right now, some will befriended you/me because of what you can give to them and not because they want you, the real you.

    As a woman like you, voicing out our problems to someone helps a lot. She/he will not be able to help us especially if our problems is financially but by just listening alone it makes a big difference. "No man is an Island. We need somebody in order to survive. I am glad you met this woman whom you can talk to.

  2. yes ann i'm glad i did and i think you are also a good friend that i can count on. by givng a good comments and some messages makes me feel better. i feel that you're nice and kind friend to everybody and i like the way you are even though we haven't yet met in person. thanks ann for always giving me comments, your good words makes me inspired i really do.