Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today is our first year wedding anniversary. My hubby greeted me last midnight and in this morning when he woke up for work. I know how really important and special this day for us, but for some reason I got screwed giving off my greeting card to him. But I thought of yesterday that I'm gonna give him my card after he get back from work but I just realized that it should be early not late. Oh well, I will just give it to him this afternoon before we go out for dinner.When I woke up today and went downstairs, I saw his greeting card for me with his sweet words as ever. I was touched by the words and felt very special and on the other hand, I kinda feel guilty cause I missed to give him my card before he left to work. Ever since we met, he's so kind and nice to me, a loving and caring husband that I've ever known, understanding and honest to what he feels. It doesn't mean that he is a perfect husband but to me he is a wonderful man. I am so grateful that I've found him and sharing my life with him and having him is very important to me. And I know that he feels the same way as I do.

For a year that had passed now, we had so many ups and downs in life but we still survive because of our pure love to each other. There are moments that we have misunderstanding but still we care to listen to each other. We both hate arguments so whenever we have fight, we don't argue but we don't talk about it until we both feel fine to talk about it and saying apologizes is our first word to say. Our married life isn't perfect either but whenever there's love to each other, we feel perfect and complete. I just wish and hope that our love will continue to grow and cheer until our last breath. I know our struggles in life will continue because that's what life is and I just hope that we'll be strong facing those obstacles in our lives.


  1. Wow belated happy first wedding anniversary Mae. Ang sweet naman ng hubby mo. All I can say that....May the Omnipotent father will shower your marriage with love, good health, patience and prosperity is all aspects in life. Take care and have a wonderful day.