Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's been a week since I updated this blog of mine. It's because I'm tired thinking of what to write in this thingy and lately I'm also pretty much busy. Anyway, last night we watched the NBA game for Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Twolves. It was my very first time in my history watching NBA game in reality cause I just watched it on TV sometimes. I like basketball so what my husband did last week on our paper anniversary was, he bought us a ticket for NBA game and it surprised me. It's been a while since I had watched one on TV so it doesn't bother me at all if I don't have a chance to watched it personally. I know it's kind of expensive for me cause right now we're trying to save some of our money. We still have some stuff that needs to be taken care of so we're so tight right now.

Well anyway, as the game started the Twolves started to climb while the Nuggets were a little bit behind from them. They have those pretty good players or I should say very awesome guys. I was afraid that the Nuggets will lose their game cause they started playing weak and my night watching that game wouldn't be complete then. But I was so glad cause the Nuggets started to kick off their butt in the middle of their game until the Twolves were so behind from them. I would say that Nuggets were so awesome and impressive than them and makes the people of Denver so proud of them. For me, watching the game of the Nuggets winning was one of my unforgettable moments in the since that my hubby cares of what my likes even though he doesn't really care watching basketball. He wanted to see me happy even the small things he can offer he willingly do it for me. Well so much from that, I just hope that the Nuggets will continue to win in the next games they will play. Good job Nuggets, keep up the good work.

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