Sunday, October 4, 2009


We spend our time cleaning our old house that we left last week. But first my husband let me drive on our way to our old house because he taught that I need more practice in driving. It was 15-20 minutes away from our new place but I have to drive for me to learn more on driving. We just used my mom in-law's car because it's easier for me to drive hers'. So we leave and I keep reminding myself to be cautious all the time because there are tons of cars around me. However my husband keeps telling me or I should say reminding me every time I forgot something while driving. And it was uncomfortable for me driving and listening to him as well but I know it would help me learning it. And I know also that he's just doing what's good for me.

When we arrived at our old house, we start cleaning and keep ourselves busy cause it's getting late at noon and we still need to go at Sam's club to do some grocery shopping. Luckily, we've had finished cleaning not too long cause it's not that much to clean. So when we're about to leave, I thought my husband will be the one to drive on our way to Sam's club but I was wrong. He told me that I should drive cause soon whether I like it or not I should drive. My mom in-law could not be able to drive soon cause she is a half blind.

We reached at Sam's club safely, thank GOD. We do some grocery shopping and then headed back home after. I drove all the way with my husband. I started to feel comfortable driving anyway but I still need to learn more doing it. He told me that that driving is fun but you should be cautious in everything around you. But there are some things that I still need to work like parking the car and backing up, making turns and specially changing lanes. My husband told me that I'm doing better driving today unlike the first time he taught me, it really scares him. I am so glad we reached home safely but it was fun though. Got to have to practice driving more on next weekend for me to learn cause pretty soon I'm going to take a driving test.

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