Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The second season of our pool game this year is just started. Last night was our first game of the season instead of second because we didn't get a match last week. As usual when I had my turn for the game, I started having this uneasy feeling that I can't control. Well, they have to match me with this rank 3 because they don't have a new player who's just started. And guess what, she started kicking off my butt oh boy. But I tried my best to get a shot because I would like to win as well even though it is impossible for me to beat her but there's no harm in trying right?

As our game continues, I started feeling fine about myself and plays better compared the first season. It was a very breath taking game to me because we both almost reached to the winning point. I then encouraged myself to concentrate to get the last two shots whenever I could get a chance. Luckily, she scratched it when she made her shot and it would be my chance to make my last two shots this moment. And yes I did it and won my game oh yeah..! Actually I won my three consecutive games recently and it makes me feel better. In fact this is the only game that I really enjoy of. I've had made some friends and I had fun playing this pool game as well.


  1. Wow congratulations Mae. Got here from Analou's page. Hope you can drop by my page sometimes..

  2. thanks i appreciate it. yeah sure i will visit you soon in your page cause right at the moment i'm pretty much tired from work. have a good day:-)