Friday, October 9, 2009


Nowadays, caregiver/nanny is highly on demand for families who really needs help for caring their loved one especially to the elderly who has disabilities. Tons of people looking for a nanny for their kids to take care for them while they're at work or away for a while. Because of that the increasing numbers of nanny agencies are available. But we want to make sure to hire those people who are honest, dependable, and love to take care for our loved ones. So if you're one of those people who are confused of picking an agency for a nanny, Canadian live-in Caregiver Association can help you. They provide you with questions you should ask the agency and the answers you should be receiving as well.

If you're also looking for a caregiver, Canadian live-in Caregiver Association is the best place to find. They are the place where employers and caregivers register for a Non-for-Profit placement. In this way, employers are able to select caregivers and candidates easier who submit their information for prospective employers to receive. Canadian Caregiver Association is a charity that works to help family caregivers to preserve themselves through education, support and advocacy programs. They are also seeking for an acknowledgement of the severe role of family caregivers by the professional healthcare team members caring for their loved one. They work with other organizations also that provide support for the person with the disease. Their main responsibility is to help the family caregiver all through their journey. The CCA was founded in 2004 and is governed by a Board of Directors; the majority of the staff that works in this company is caregivers. The membership of live-n caregiver in Canada is open to all.

Canadian live-in Caregiver Association has been launched a Project 2009, a special initiative in conjunction with recent clamor over cases of caregiver exploitation in the Greater Toronto Area. For more details for this new project, just visit their blog to read more of the new updates they had made. This blog contains the updates of the Canadian for Caregivers Unite. Their latest new update was made last July 30th of this year, the Petition to the Government of Ontario. This new petition they were getting signed was to help the government of Ontario realize how urgent it is that they help caregivers with all aspects of the live-in caregiver program- not just one or two. Just visit their blog Canadian for Caregivers Unite to read more of this new update. Their main goal is to help protect the rights of all the participants of the LCP(Live-In Caregiver Program) for any high-risk environment. And also providing those programs to ensure that legislation aimed at improving the condition of live-in caregivers in Ontario take into consideration afore mentioned concerns, and that all participants in the labor relationship(employees, employers, and intermediate) be given a proper attention.
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