Saturday, October 3, 2009


We've been at the flea market today with Debbie and her parents and niece. We just met them there because we're pretty far from them. We arrived there an hour earlier than them so we just took a walk around the market while waiting for them. We roam around and do some window shopping. It's been nice outside and a kind of cold like 58*F but it supposed to be high on 60*F. It's a little early yet so I thought it's the reason why it's a little bit cold. I didn't bring my jacket because I thought it would get warm when we got there but I was wrong. It's still cold when we're walking around so I decided to buy me a jacket to help me out getting warm myself a little bit. As noon passed, it gets warm but still it's a little bit chilly so I keep my jacket on.

After three hours of walking around, my head starts aching like crazy. I thought it's because of the warm and cold that mixed together. I hate it when I got my headaches, I can't concentrate at all. It seems like everyday my headaches keeps coming back. After a while we decided to go back home cause we both popped out for the long day we had spent walking around the flea market. As soon as we got home I took an aspirin to help my headaches gone. After an hour I felt better from the pain I had felt from my head.

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