Saturday, May 26, 2012

Since I've Been Gone

It's been awhile that I'm gone in this blogging world and never thought I would come back here, but here I am writing my short post. I have no motivation on writing anymore but since I started doing blogging, I guess I have to kept doing it. I've been busy with everything lately but I still could get a chance to write but I choose not to. My life is like a rock lately, me and hubby were been through a lot especially financially. It is so hard to be living almost paycheck to paycheck everyday but we still tried to do things that we like doing. Watching a movie at the theater is one of them and that's what we usually do lately because that's all we can afford. We love to travel but since we're in a deep financial struggle as of this moment,  we just do stuff inside the state and still enjoy it. I guess the most important thing is we're both healthy and our family, that's all it matters to me. I know there's a lot of people suffer more than us and I always kept in mind that we're still fortunate to have everything (job, food, clothes on our back) even though we're struggling financially at least we're not starving. I just hope and pray that we'll get through this and also hope and pray for those who needs His help. I wish everyone a happy and safe weekend, enjoy...

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